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About the cheapest kind of auto insurance you can find anywhere in the United States, or around the world for that matter, is third party insurance

About the cheapest kind of auto insurance you can find anywhere in the United States, or around the world for that matter, is third party insurance

There aren’t that many cheap car insurance policies out there that are for real. If you happen to stumble across one, and you can’t find anything the matter with the package, hold on to it for all you are worth. It may be the best thing that ever happened to you.|Statistics show that accident rates on highways across the country drop when there are dire consequences to pay for each crash. In that wise, I am personally not an advocate for cheap car insurance. However, if it helps you sleep better at night, who am I to get in your way?

Because you can’t afford to buy car insurance at some of the steep rates offered by several insurance firms, there is no reason why you should live at the risk of being jailed or asked to pay a fine that you cannot afford. You should at least strive to get cheap insurance. With that, you ought to be able to keep the law off of your back.|Cheap car insurance is priceless and not that easy to come about. However, if you are meticulous about it, you should be able to find one online. I mean, with all the vast resources of the internet at your disposal, it is certainly a sure-fire way to get what you must have.|Even the cheapest car insurance still requires that you pay your monthly premiums. So please try not to be too cheap about it yourself. If you will maintain that policy, you must see to it that you never fault on your premiums. That ought not to be too tough to swallow, even for you.

If you are able to maintain a credible credit history, you should have no trouble finding car insurance that is cheap. Often, these companies like to deal with people who are good for their money. One look at your history ought to convince them if you are for real.|When you make a habit of owing all over the place, you are not going to have a lot of friends. Even insurance firms, for all their notoriety, will never offer you cheap car insurance when you have bad credit in your history. You know what to do then? You need to find a way to repair your credit so that you can qualify.

Do not let anything keep you from receiving the cheapest car insurance you can get. All over the internet, such opportunities are all over the place and they are very encouraging. But if you do not qualify, you will not get lucky. You need to start looking into the criteria that meet the requirements for cheap car insurance, so that you can get it yourself.|If you don’t make a habit of using your vehicle for work purposes, you may be fortunate enough to get you some cheap car insurance. Some of those clauses on your agreement with the insurance company – your policy – allow you that leeway if they think you are for real.|If you are looking for cheap car insurance, you may have to agree to certain terms on your insurance contract. These terms may tell you things like who may drive your car or what you can do with it. If you breach these, you don’t get your pay off if something happens. But at least, paying the premiums won’t hurt so much.

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What You May Not Know About Automobile Insurance

What You May Not Know About Automobile Insurance

Perhaps the most commonly purchased type of insurance is automobile insurance, also called driver’s insurance or car insurance. Although laws vary somewhat, virtually all states today require drivers to carry some sort of automobile insurance to legally operate a vehicle on public roads. The penalties for driving without insurance can range from fines to a suspended license or, in the case of repeated infractions, possibly even a short jail sentence. Given that driver’s insurance is required in pretty much every state, it’s worth having some basic knowledge about the subject.

Types and levels of Coverage

The type of insurance coverage a person needs, and how much they will pay for that coverage, vary depending on a number of factors, such as the age of the driver, his or her driving record, the age and value of the vehicle, the dollar amount of the coverage, and whether the vehicle is fully paid for. While auto insurance can get pretty complex, there are four types that everyone should be aware of.

Liability coverage is the most basic type of coverage; it protects the driver against any claims that might be brought after an accident or other incident that is the driver’s fault. This is usually the minimum coverage that a driver needs to be considered insured. Liability insurance usually has the lowest premiums, but it doesn’t cover any damage to the driver’s own vehicle; thus a lower monthly premium needs to be balanced against the risk of a potentially large financial burden. Also, most loan lenders require a driver to carry comprehensive coverage until the borrower has paid off the loan in full.

Collision insurance covers part or all of the cost of repairs to the driver’s vehicle in the event of a collision, based on an estimate of the project cost for the repairs. While collision insurance can definitely pay for itself in the even of a car crash, the monthly premiums are higher than simple liability. Most policies are also subject to a deductible, which means that the policy carrier is responsible for paying a set amount before the insurance company pays. Deductibles vary widely; generally speaking, though, the higher the deductible, the lower the monthly payments, and the lower the deductible, the higher the monthly payments will be.
Comprehensive coverage is typically required for vehicles that are still in the process of being paid for. Many vehicle owners also carry comprehensive coverage for expensive or otherwise valuable vehicles. Comprehensive coverage covers damage that isn’t the result of a collision – fire, theft, vandalism, and so on – although the exact items covered can vary quite a bit from one policy to the next.

Uninsured Coverage protects you if an uninsured or underinsured driver hits you or your vehicle. Although insurance is a legal requirement in most places, that doesn’t mean that everyone on the road is insured. This type of coverage means that you won’t get stuck with the repair bill if someone less responsible than you involves you in an accident.

Each type of insurance is available at several different levels of coverage; the higher the coverage (in dollars), the higher the premium will be. Premiums will also increase if the driver is involved in an accident or receives tickets for traffic infractions. Additionally, premiums are higher for males than for females, for younger drivers, and for drivers in urban or higher-crime areas. Despite this, however, automobile insurance is a necessity for any responsible driver.

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The All Powerful Guide To Purchasing Home Owner’s Insurance (3)

The All Powerful Guide To Purchasing Home Owner’s Insurance

Did you know that a homeowners’ insurance policy also safeguards the valuables in your home? If you have valuable paintings, expensive electronics, and other valuables in your home, a solid insurance plan will provide ample coverage for these items. Make sure you read these tips before purchasing a policy to find out how to save money.

Improve your credit rating. You will see lower premiums on your homeowner’s insurance if your credit rating is good. Having a low credit score makes you a potential risk in the eyes of your homeowner’s insurance provider. Consequently, they will charge you more money for that low score of yours.

Adding motion sensitive lighting to your property will get you a nice discount on your home insurance rates. You will be reducing the home’s risk of burglary and it will in turn reduce the amount of money that you have to pay for your home insurance premiums each year as well as increase the security of your home.

Install a sophisticated alarm system in your home, preferably one that is monitored by a reputable security company, or is linked directly to the local police station. Insurance companies reduce your yearly premium by up to 5% if you can prove by an invoice or contract that you have a centrally monitored security system installed.

Bundle your insurance costs to save money. Buying your homeowner’s insurance from the same company from which you buy your auto insurance or RV insurance can result in a significantly discounted policy. However, don’t buy a bad policy based on a discount. Shop around and make sure that the cost of the combined policy is less than two separate policies at another company.

Paying off your mortgage can have a significant effect on your yearly home owner’s premium. It is not easy to do in most cases, but if you can afford it you can save a lot of money because insurance companies think you will take much better care of your home when you fully own it.

Get an estimate of damages to your home prior to filing a claim on your home owners insurance. If it is not going to cost you much more than the deductible to repair, do not file the claim. Each claim that you file will cause your premium to increase for the year.

Ensure that you are covered for the rising costs in home building equipment and materials. Ask your insurance company if there is an inflation guard on your policy, and if there isn’t, add one! The value of your home will be adjusted as necessary to correspond with the values of repairs and replacements.

Consider a policy that offers guaranteed replacement value when shopping for home owners insurance. Guaranteed replacement value means that if your home is destroyed the insurance company will pay the cost to rebuild it, regardless of what that cost is. Considering that the cost of construction often increases over the years, this is especially important if you will be in your home long term. Having such a cushion can offer you true peace of mind.

Obviously, the more coverage you have, the more you’re going to pay. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t drive those prices down tremendously by using the tips we covered in the article above. Just follow the tips, and you should be able to save a ton of money on your policy.

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Vintage Car Parts is Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

Vintage Car Parts is Like Looking for a Needle in a Haystack

And so much more expensive too. If you own, maintain or are planning to buy a vintage or a classic car, you better prepare yourself to a tough time looking for the much needed parts to bring it back to life. Classic or vintage cars have a certain aura of distinction and there is so much history in them that many people spend many of their time, efforts and money just to have one in their garage. But this is not for everyone.

Vintage car parts can be very expensive because they are not manufactured anymore. And because of this rarity, many people tend to ask for a large asking price if they do have one that is in working condition. Finding a vintage car that is in good running condition is rare, and if there is one, you can expect it to have a huge asking price.

As one may expect, a vintage or classic car part would come as used, so there is still the fear that the part may work now, but in the near future, it may still conk out. This can cause a great dismay to the restorer. To a newbie, all of this may seem as a very daunting task. But for those who are willing to do the effort, here are some places where you can find vintage car parts.

Before anything else, make sure of the model and make of your car. Some models may require special parts and the part that you may find may not work with it just causing you to waste your time and money. If you’re not the one who’s restoring your vintage car, make sure that you bring it to a specialized auto repair shop to ensure that the work done will be satisfactory. These specialty shops have the proper knowledge and skills in vintage car restoration.

One of the best places to look for a vintage car part is through the internet. There are now numerous websites that offer used vintage car parts and they have been tested for their workability. Looking through the internet will allow you to save some time in your search. All you have to do is to specify the make and model of your vehicle and the car part that you need. Many search engines can direct you to a site where such part may be sold. By doing some comparisons between different car parts retailers, you will be able to find a particular vintage car part that can be well within your means.

For some people, going to a junkyard or two is the best way to find a vintage car part. This can be a very tedious chore for anyone, especially to those who are not really familiar with car parts. But in the end, some enthusiasts say that it is more satisfying and they can get the part for much less.

Once again be sure that you get the exact part that you need. Junkyards don’t have money back guarantees nor do they offer warranties and have return policies. You don’t want to lose money over this and surely you don’t want to waste your time.

Finding the vintage car part that you need can be easy or hard, depending on the method of search that you choose. But one thing’s for sure, it is a very rewarding experience.

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The High Cost of Formula One Racing

The High Cost of Formula One Racing

Formula One racing is among the most expensive of competitive sports. As a result corporate sponsorship is vital to keep a team competitive. Formula One racing team annual budgets are estimated to range from $66 million to $400 million. When the costs necessary to design and support a winning team are considered these estimates appear accurate.

Successful Formula One racing requires specially designed vehicles. A Formula One racing team includes engineers and designers who create innovative ways to improve racecar design, safety and speed. These engineers and designers require computers and testing equipment. In addition, new design ideas must be custom created prior to vehicle testing. Vehicles must be track tested to determine whether a new design feature will work. Aerodynamic design features require wind tunnel testing which adds an additional expense to the design-testing program.

Safety concerns and FIA regulations require specially formulated fabrics to be used in the making of Formula One racing overalls, helmets and portions of the racecar.

The maintenance and repair of the two Formula One racing vehicles is also an expensive part of racing. Racecar engines are required to last for an entire race weekend but are replaced before each weekend. Each racecar will require multiple tire replacements during a race. Specially formulated fuel is required to operate the racecars. Multiple replacement parts for every portion of the Formula One racing vehicle need to be on hand at each circuit to prepare the car for the race.

Because Formula One World Championship races are held at circuits around the world travel and transportation budgets are high for Formula One racing teams. At European races allow the team to transport their cars, equipment, motor homes and kitchen equipment by truck convoy. Circuits outside of Europe require that most of the same items be transported by jumbo jet with fees charged for excess weight. Formula One racing teams must also pay transportation, food and lodging expenses for all the necessary teams members who participate in the race.

A Formula One racing team also consists of many behind the scenes employees who coordinate travel, handle publicity and perform other vital tasks. The number of team members required to operate a winning Formula One racing team results in an expensive payroll budget.

A new team considering joining Formula One racing has another expense to consider. A $47 million up-front payment to FIA is required from any new team that wishes to enter the Formula One World Championship. This deposit is repaid to the team throughout the race season.

During the 1990s technological advances caused a sharp increase in the cost of Formula One racing competition. Teams funded by large auto manufacturers had the advantage of deeper pockets as well as corporately supplied parts. As a result most independent teams were unable to maintain a competitive edge. Twenty-eight teams have left Formula One racing since 1990 as a result of the inability to match the financial resources for corporately funded teams.

The popularity of Formula One racing creates interest from corporate sponsors looking for a high-profile sport with plenty of merchandising opportunities. Sponsorships work as an income source that Formula One racing teams can use to offset their increasing expenses. Continued popularity of the sport is certain to result in additional sponsorships in the future. As the cost of Formula One racing continues to increase teams will look for new and innovative sources of income.

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General Insurance Tips That Fit Your Finances

General Insurance Tips That Fit Your Finances

Whether it’s your car, your home, or your health, getting and keeping insurance is an important consideration for just about everybody. Here are some tips to help you navigate the maze of figuring out what you need, getting quotes, and getting coverage for these types of insurance and others as well.

If you are balking at the cost of renter’s insurance, consider increasing your deductibles. Higher deductibles means lower monthly payments, however make sure that you’ll be able to afford the deductible costs if the need comes up. The smaller monthly payment is useful, but if you end up not being able to meet your deductible then your coverage becomes useless.

Grouping your insurance policies together is a great way to save money in the long-term. If you combine your auto, health and home insurance, you should be able to save thousands of dollars over the life of your policy. Just make sure you’re choosing a great company to handle your policy.

Online tools abound to help you determine what price you should be paying when changing your coverage. Use these tools to help you price out possible changes to coverage that can save you money. It may be that going to a higher deductible plan or switching to an HMO may be the right choice for you.

When selecting insurance, it is important to remember the deductible. A deductible is an amount that must be paid from your own money before an insurance company pays any other expenses. A lower deductible means that you won’t have to pay as much for the insurance company to cover your expenses.

If you are an empty-nester moving to your new home, don’t take the risk of your hard-earned household items and valuables being damaged or lost in transit. Spend the money to insure your goods while they’re being moved to your new empty nest. Many moving companies offer such policies, and they are well worth the incremental extra expense.

If you find your insurance too expensive, look for a cheaper one. Make sure you know how much your current insurance will charge you for canceling your policy. It might be more interesting to wait until you have to renew your insurance to switch so that you do not pay a ridiculously high cancellation fee.

When in an accident it can be helpful to remember that your cell phone has a camera on it. So use it to take pictures of the accident scene before the cars are moved to the side. By documenting the damage on the spot, you can keep the other driver from trying to claim more damage than truly occurred.

If you want lower insurance premiums, work on improving your credit score. Insurance is another of the areas where good credit will ease your financial worries. Most, if not all, insurers take credit scores into account when setting their customers’ premiums. If you are involved in a credit repair effort, check with your insurer to see if you can turn it into premium savings.

Now you know how to make wise decisions concerning many the various kinds of insurance. You’re ready to assess your needs and start making inquiries with different companies and agents to get quotes and coverage. You’ve worked hard for your achievements, and these tips will help you protect your assets.

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Car Loans: Strategies You Should Not Overlook

Car Loans: Strategies You Should Not Overlook

Even if it is just chemicals outgassing, there’s nothing like that new car smell. It says you’re smart, responsible and successful. In fact, the only thing better than the new car smell is the pride you’ll feel as you take your new wheels for a spin.

It’s certainly no secret that driving a stylish new car is fun and exciting. New cars carry warranties that protect you from unnecessary maintenance and repair bills for extended periods of time, so they can be great investments. The secret is in buying a brand new car, truck, van or SUV without deflating your budget. For many smart shoppers, the right car loans turn their new car dreams into realities.

Direct Auto Financing

One of the biggest money-saving actions you can take in purchasing your new vehicle is with financing through an independent car lender. This borrowing plan is referred to as “direct financing” or “direct loans.” Direct financing is any kind of financing action, set up by you, without the help of the car dealer. There are considerable savings and minimal risks involved in direct loans, making them the best option for many new car buyers. When you walk into a dealership with a guarantee new car loan in hand, you’ve got automatic bargaining power. You’re able to have an upper hand in negotiations, and you can stand equally to your dealer. In the end, this increase flexibility keeps you from falling into the common trap of dealership price fixing and additional financing costs.

Shopping Strategies

The first strategy in shopping for new car loans is securing independent financing. With that in mind, allow yourself further flexibility by applying for a loan limit of at least a little over what you expect to pay. This gives you extra room for flexibility at closing time, without having to worry about the loan limit. Of course, you’re under no obligation to use your entire loan limit. Arranging for automatic payments is another way to lower your rates. By having your car loan payments deducted electronically from your bank account, you can save more money over the duration of your loan.

Price Haggling

Car dealers are seasoned professionals who are trained to get every dime out of you. For that reason, it’s no wonder that so many people part with a lot of money after “negotiating” with a car dealer. Unless you’re an experienced negotiator, or have an armor of thick skin, going through a new car purchase can be an agonizing experience. The best protection from slick sales types is to walk in to the dealership with your financing already in place. When you’re in this position, you’ll find car dealers haggling with each other to get your business. Talk to local car dealers, and make it clear to them that you’ve been shopping around. Let them understand that you won’t settle for anything less than the very best deal. This leaves the dealers working to get your business, while all you need to do is choose the best one.

Owning a new car can make you feel like a million bucks, without feeling like you’ve just spent a million bucks. Shop around for car loans and make smart financing decisions, and you’ll soon be cruising along and taking in that new car smell.

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The Keys To Successfully Purchasing Insurance In The Modern World (2)

The Keys To Successfully Purchasing Insurance In The Modern World

If you are a first time buyer for insurance, it can get really confusing. If you look through this site, you will find all sorts of fantastic hints and tips that will make your first buying experience an enjoyable one. Make sure you check these tips out to make everything easier.

Keep your written insurance policy in a safe and secure place. Whether you purchase online or through a broker or agent, you should receive a paper copy of your insurance policy or have the option to print your policy. Review the policy information and keep a copy in a safe location, in case you ever experience a claim.

If you want lower insurance premiums, work on improving your credit score. Insurance is another of the areas where good credit will ease your financial worries. Most, if not all, insurers take credit scores into account when setting their customers’ premiums. If you are involved in a credit repair effort, check with your insurer to see if you can turn it into premium savings.

Regardless of the type of insurance you are buying, saving money is always important. Every insurance company uses its own internally-developed methods for pricing insurance coverage. If you get quotes from several different insurers, even with the exact same information, you could receive substantially different rate quotes. This will show you how important it is to shop around for insurance, and never go to just one company if you are looking to get the lowest rates.

Check your policies regularly to make sure they are still accurate. For instance, your auto insurance might no longer reflect the actual value of your car or you might be paying for health coverage you do not need anymore as your children grow up. Make sure you subscribe to plans that reflect your needs.

Many people don’t realize this but you can consolidate your insurance policies, such as your car and homeowner’s insurance to the same company. Most insurance companies will give you a discount on both policies for doing this and you can save anywhere from 5% to 20% on your insurance just by doing this.

When you decide to go shopping for a new insurance policy, make sure you’re comparing identical coverage packages. You may find a low rate offered by an insurance company, but you have to ask them what kind of coverage you will be getting and what your deductible will be to ensure it is actually saving money while getting the same coverage you currently have. Being under-insured is just as bad as paying too much for your insurance!

Consider adding additional insurance onto the policy that is provided by your work. A group insurance coverage does not move with you if you change jobs. These days most people do not stay with the same company through till retirement so an insurance policy tied to your job is not as useful as it used to be. Make sure and have coverage of your own that is not tied down to a particular employer.

Insurance can be incredibly confusing. Hopefully, the tips on this site have helped you better understand how to buy insurance the right way. Apply the tips you have learned today to get your insurance situation under control. Do not make your insurance any more confusing than it has to be.

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Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage Therapy Benefits

Massage therapy has been used for centuries. In fact, there are so many of them around with the purpose of encouraging healing by promoting blood flow, relieving tension, stimulating nerves as well as stretching and loosening muscles and connective tissue to keep them elastic. Read on further to find out what are the other massage therapy benefits.

Massage therapy is beneficial because it reduces waste products such as lactic and carbonic acid that builds up after an activity which causes cramping, discomfort and irritability that can happen after working out at the gym. By working with a therapist, he or she will be able to enhance your immune system and aid in the recovery of the tissues by increasing blood circulation in the affected areas.

If you are ill, massage therapy dilates and opens up blood vessels, improves circulation and relieves congestion. It also increases the number of red blood cells for those who are anemic.

Massage therapy also acts as a mechanical cleanser pushing along the lymph and hastening the elimination of wastes and toxic debris. It also helps to eliminate edema or dropsy of the extremities.

It also increases blood supply and nutrition to the muscles without adding to the load of toxic acid produced by muscle contraction. This helps you overcome harmful fatigue resulting from strenuous exercise or injury.

This will also improve muscle tone and prevent or delay muscular atrophy resulting from forced inactivity. It can also relax muscle spasms and relieve tension.

Massage to some extent compensates for lack of exercise or muscular contraction especially for those who are recovering from an injury by returning venous blood to the heart and at the same time eases the strain on this vital organ.

Depending on the type of massage therapy given, some people may feel sleepy, stimulated or exhausted.

Some forms of massage therapy are able to separate muscle fibers and undo or prevent the formation of adhesions. It also stretches the connective tissue which all helps reduce the danger of fibroids.

Believe it or not, massage may burst the fat capsule in the subcutaneous tissue so that the fat exudes and becomes absorbed. Combined with proper nutrition and exercise, this can help the person lose weight.

Massage therapy also increases the excretion of fluids via the kidney, nitrogen, inorganic phosphorous and salt in normal individuals. But for those who are injured, it does the exact opposite because these are needed for tissue repair.

Studies have shown that massage therapy improves the general circulation and nutrition of joints and hastens the elimination of harmful particles in the synovial fluid. It helps lessen inflammation and swelling of the joints thereby alleviating pain.

It also disperses the dema following injury to ligaments and tendons, lessening pain and facilitates movement.

Massage therapy improves the general circulation and nutrition of tissues often accompanied by an increase interchange of substances between the blood and tissue cells thus heightening tissue metabolism.

This type of therapy also empties the larger ducts and channels of the body thereby decreasing the auto intoxication resulting from re-absorption of toxic materials in these channels due to constipation or inflammation.

There are so many benefits with regards to massage therapy which is why almost everyone needs it. If you haven’t found a favorite yet, you can try one style this week and then another next week to how different they are from the other.

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Shade Tree Automotive Diagnostics And Care – Part I – See No Evil

Shade Tree Automotive Diagnostics And Care – Part I – See No Evil

Learning a little more about how to better care for your vehicles is a good idea for any number of reasons. It allows you to know if an unscrupulous mechanic is attempting to gouge you on your repairs – and that will save you money. It can prevent you from making unnecessary repairs – and that will save you money. It can help you locate a problem and fix it early, thus saving more money – sometimes a whole lot of money. It allows you to be more independent in an era where people are entirely too dependent on others to survive.

We need to get started now, so that we have time to cover everything…

First, do a visual check of your vehicle. The following will assist you in where to look, and for what:

•Look at your tires. Do they look low? A tire pressure gauge, available inexpensively at any discount store of auto parts store will help you make sure tire pressure stays dead on. Maintain as necessary. Better tire pressures will make your vehicle safer, and more fuel efficient. There are some very inexpensive air pumps for sale at discount stores – should you really want to stay on top of air pressure in your tires. Motorcyclists and moped riders need to be exceptionally concerned about their tire pressures.

•Look closely at your tires and inspect for severely worn edges, areas missing chunks of rubber, or objects sticking into the tire. Maintain or replace as necessary. If your tires are relatively new, and they seem to be wearing unevenly, take you vehicle into the shop for an alignment, and likely a tire rotation. These two things are frequently lumped together in less costly automotive service “specials.”

•Look under the vehicle for liquids. One drop usually means nothing. Look for consistent drip marks. Remember that during summer months your vehicle’s air conditioning will steadily drip water when in use – no worries. Your coolant system may also spew an occasional bit of water/anti-freeze, and that’s okay too. If you find a stain indicating long-term or consistent leaking, trace the leak to its source: engine oil, transmission fluid, rear end oil, etc. Maintain or repair as necessary. Sometimes, just getting under the vehicle with a pressure hose at the car wash will clean off years of old oil and debris that causes many ‘driveway’ leaks – thus fixing the faux leak.

•Visually check your engine oil. Check it according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and also feel it with your fingers. Engine oil is the life blood of your vehicle’s power plant. Does the oil feel thick, or does it feel watery. Thick is good, watery is bad! Change watery oil (and be sure to use an Engine Sentry when you do change oil and filter). Add the appropriate oil if the level registers low. NEVER overfill your oil!

•Check the coolant level. Be sure to use caution, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid injury from hot, pressurized liquids. Maintain as necessary. If you haven’t had your coolant/anti-freeze checked lately, it might be advisable. Be sure to never add coolant or anti-freeze that is not recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Some radiators require special products so as not to erode or corrode them.

•Visually check your engine compartment. Tighten caps, firmly tug/test hose connections, look for worn things, things that have blown into the engine compartment, etc. Maintain or repair as necessary. This is also a good time to do light engine cleaning. Nothing too serious, just some rags and some degreaser: ammonia and water make a cheap, great degreaser, but it shouldn’t be used on aluminum – certainly not left on it. A toothbrush is also an excellent tool here – it makes quick work of much engine debris.

•Visually check your automotive battery and connections. Make sure the connections feel tight at the battery. If you have green or white build-up on the battery, mix some baking soda with tepid water (1/4-cup of baking soda to one quart of water) and stir it thoroughly. Now, slowly pour it directly over the affected areas. Don’t worry about all the fizzing and crackling – it’s just cleaning. Make sure you do this where the runoff won’t harm anything. An old toothbrush will make this go faster. When the terminals are clean and dry, apply a thin coating of automotive grease onto each battery terminal, and connection. Automotive grease comes in small, plastic tubs that weigh about a pound each. They’re cheap, so get a good brand name. I use popsicle sticks to spread it with. Grease is good to have around for many automotive fixes and preventive maintenance actions.

Okay, you’ve completed the first steps of becoming a full-fledged automotive diagnostician – or something like that, anyway. You’ve definitely gotten your vehicle in much better condition, and you should have learned a thing or two. Keep an eye out for part II – Hear No Evil, and Part III – Smell No Evil.

Engine Sentry is a registered trademark of Iron Horseman Technologies. Iron Horseman Technologies is the trademark of Iron Horseman Technologies in Tucson, Arizona.