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H-F-L-Team: 3 Must Haves For Your Website

H-F-L-Team: 3 Must Haves For Your Website

Today we are going to discusss Three must haves on your website for your business. Theses are often very obvious key components. Some people miss adding them or don’t realize how important they are.

The websites that I am focusing on deal with sites for brick and mortar businesses. Such as restaurants, beauty salons/spas, Auto repair shops, retailers of all kinds. The tips can also relevant for other types of sites. Check through them and see if they can improve your site.

Okay let’s start.

One big must is your contact information. Would you take out an ad in the yellow pages and not put in your phone number and address? Of course you wouldn’t. But often on websites they omit it or hide it. What you want to do is have that information be very visible. You want your customers to be able to contact you.

Now a word of caution if you have a way for customers to email, “Which is recommended” you must return the email promptly. Think of it as you would your business phone, you would always answer the phone and return calls right? So do it with your email.

For many people that use a computer most of the day it can be one of their primary sources of communicating. Have a way so that when they send the email yours will automatically respond back with a message. Such as “thank you for your inquiring we will get back to you within 24 hours”. I f you give them a time “shorter the better” be sure to do it. People will shy away from a business that can’t keep a simple promise.

Capture their name and email. Ask if they would like to be added to your sales, special promotions, or newsletter, whatever fits your business.

Next up Information.

People are looking at your site for information. Studies show that when people call a restaurant they are asking for location, hours, directions and prices. So give it to them in a place on your site that is easy to find.

Post your menu and prices. I f you own a watch or shoe repair shop state prices for your service. People are shopping/looking for this information. Place your location and directions on home page. Include mapping like Google Maps so they can get directions. Remember state your hours of service. If you have parking challenges give your customers tips on where to park.

Last but not least. Photos.

Photos are very important to the success of your site and business. People love to look at pictures. Remember the saying “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Its true. So show off your business. A photo of the storefront puts a visual into the customer’s head, so as they drive down the street it will trigger a memory and help with locating your business.

I f you have a restaurant have photos of your food. For a beauty salon/spa show the inside and those comfortable chairs your clients will be using. Take pictures of your friendly staff and owners. Show people that “hey you will enjoy being here”. Photo will help create a connection between your business and customers.

I hope this has been helpful and informative in your journey to fulfilling you Hundred-Fold Life.

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