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News from Secure Towing
Millions of Americans are frequently unprepared for the inevitable car mishaps or breakdowns that are bound to eventually happen.
As a result, many motorists have taken steps to ensure that roadside assistance is available when dreaded breakdowns and repair problems occur.
Secure Towing.Com is an online service that operates through a network of contracted service providers who have arrangements with the company’s dispatch to perform road and towing service for members. The result is an affordable service that provides peace of mind, comfort and a feeling of security to millions of motorists.
Secure Towing.Com has been very successful, offering a valuable service that appeals to its 16 million motorists across America who recognize the value and convenience of an emergency road and auto service. When on the road, Secure Towing.Com customers know they are covered and protected by an organization that exhibits great customer care and has been providing these services for motorists since 1962!
The dispatch center provides benefits to over 16 million people a year and helps 100,000 stranded motorist each month. Secure Towing.Com is the number one rated dispatch service for on-time arrival and customer satisfaction, according to a global marketing international consumer center.
The company now has over 45,000 tow truck companies contracted nationwide to better serve its members.

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