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When Do You Need To Change Your Oil?

´╗┐When Do You Need To Change Your Oil?

The most important service you can perform to maintain your vehicle is an automotive oil change.
Engine oil is the life blood of your vehicle, and if changed on a regular three thousand mile
interval, it will keep your automobiles engine running for years. While oil keeps things
lubricated, the oil filter keeps out the impurities, so the oil filter needs to be changed
at every interval. If you plan to perform an oil change on your own, you will need the correct
auto repair manual. Always consult your repair manual for proper oil quantity, oil weight, and
the proper oil filter when performing an automotive oil change.
Most automotive manufacturers will suggest that you do an automotive oil change between five
thousand and seventy five hundred miles, but I would only recommend that interval for synthetic
oil. The maintenance schedules that they publish have two options, standard and extreme. Most
consumers think that the standard schedule is fine no matter where you live, but 75% of the
world lives in the extreme, hot,cold,city driving,etc! Extreame heat as well as extreame cold,
will break down engine oil viscosity and cause it to loose its lubricating properties. So lets
stick to an automotive oil change every three thousand miles. Visit our site for advice on every
other department of auto repair.

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