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Car Repair Prices: There Are No Honest Mechanics!

Car Repair Prices: There Are No Honest Mechanics!

I enjoy reading the tips and suggestions on finding an honest or good mechanic. These can be found on various government and consumer websites, and in a variety of auto repair articles. I think the same guy wrote all the suggestions, and for all 50 states!

You’ll be advised to check around by word of mouth (WOM), and make sure that you see ASE or AAA posted somewhere. Check out the facility—make sure it’s clean. Check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). You’ll be acronymed and common-sense-suggested to death. Unfortunately, none of it will really help either for quality or price.

I know AAA certified shops that can barely change oil. I have worked with ASE certified technicians that frightened me with their diagnostic theories. I know shops that are considered great that have serious BBB scars.

And WOM is the worst method. I have heard clients rave about how wonderful a particular shop is when “I KNOW it’s run by a thief!”

The sad fact is that very few people know what goes on with car repair, and even less comprehend repair pricing—even shop managers and purported experts in the field know very little.

Tips and suggestions only scratch at the surface of the automotive underworld. Sure, some tips might help. But what’s really needed is experienced insider information.

The consumer needs to know what really goes on with repair “pricing” in order to make sense of auto repair costs. With the right guidance and information, the playing field can be leveled, and the automotive customer can easily take charge of car repair prices.

Traditional tips and suggestions are only a band-aid on an open, gaping wound. Relying on these is like trusting a blind man to lead you across a major interstate. You might make it, but wouldn’t you rather follow a traffic cop.

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