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National Credit Repair has been helping its customers for over 18 years to view their credit reports for errors and inaccuracies. Consumers should try to access their credit reports at least once a year.
It is estimated that 70% of consumers have incorrect credit reports. As a result, many have to pay higher interest rates on items such as auto loans and mortgages. If consumers continuously monitor their credit reports, they can save themselves plenty of frustration in the long run.

In addition, failing to monitor one’s credit report can lead to higher instances of identity theft. There have been more and more victims of identity theft within the last 5 years. National Credit Repair provides consumers with the proper resources to monitor credit reports on a timely basis.

Know Your Rights

Many consumers do not know their rights when it comes to personal credit. It is not considered illegal or immoral to view, dispute and have corrected any inaccurate, incomplete or outdated information that you may find on your credit report.

As a consumer, it is a right that has been granted per the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Consumers are responsible for viewing and cleaning up any discrepancies that may be contained within their credit reports. It is the credit bureau’s responsibility to make sure that any inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect information that is discovered within a credit report be corrected.

In fact, they are obliged to respond to any legitimate disputes regarding entries on your credit report within 30 days. National Credit Repair educates its consumers about the credit laws which were designed to help them control and maintain clean credit reports.

Correct Credit Discrepancies

It is your responsibility to view and correct your own credit report. Although this task can seem a little daunting at times, National Credit Repair is willing to guide customers through this process.

Consumers should not assume that their credit reports are always correct. An incorrect assumption can cause the average consumer to pay more money on everyday items such as auto loans and mortgages.

Many employers are now requesting credit reports as a form of employment. One missed discrepancy could potentially cost a consumer the opportunity for stable employment. National Credit Repair helps its customers to monitor their credit reports for discrepancies. These discrepancies are then reported to the appropriate credit bureau.

Benefits of Good Clean Credit

There are numerous benefits of having good clean credit. They far outweigh the disadvantages of having negative discrepancies on your credit report. National Credit Repair devises plans for each of its customers to monitor their reports and correct negative discrepancies. This paves the road for having good clean credit.

In turn, the average consumer is granted the numerous privileges that are associated with having good credit. National Credit Repair helps its customers to get back on track and enjoy the benefits associated with good credit. All consumers would love to be able to get an auto or mortgage loan that has a decent percentage rate. National Credit Repair provides its customers the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of good clean credit.

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