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Make Custom Sports & Fitness T-Shirts with Digital HeatFX

Make Custom Sports & Fitness T-Shirts with Digital HeatFX

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In this video demonstration, we are showcasing Digital HeatFX t-shirt transfer printing system create a whole custom fitness shirt with custom tag and all. Watch how this system can complete a whole design, front left chest logo and a large full back design, and even add that custom final touch at the end that will set you apart from your competitors.

We have made custom fitness headbands as well, check it out:

If you have always wanted to make money with your creativity, then a t-shirt printing business will be a perfect fit for you. With a complete package you can take your artwork and can create apparel, products, whole lines of brands with one machine. See how making this shirt is easy and imagine the potential of what you can create!

The process is very simple:
1. Print your logo using the Digital HeatFX System
2. Add the adhesive polymer to your print
3. Cut your logos
4. Place your transfer on a t-shirt and adhere to a garment.
5. Peel off the carrier sheet
6. Final press to provide a smooth matte finish.

It’s that easy!

See why it’s considered the future of t-shirt printing:

Now, envision your own t-shirt business and how many custom t-shirts you could make in niches like fitness, football, baseball, fishing, ice hockey and the list goes on and on. Since these transfers can be placed on poly, cotton, poly blends, neoprene, and so much more.

See how we created cinch pack with the DigitalHeat FX system too:

The time for your business is now and technology is ready to provide you with a complete business system. Become your own boss with help of Digital HeatFX System:

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