Automatic Direct to Garment 6 Colour T-shirt Screen Printing Machine

Automatic T-shirt Screen Printing Machine GRAFICATEX – Live Demo of CMYK + Grey + Metallic – 6 Colour Screen Printing on t-shirt

Grafica Flextronica
Manufacturer and Exporter of Screen Printing Machines, Screen Making Equipments and all types of Industrial Dryers for Textile, Industrial, Commercial and Graphics Applications

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We are part of an industry more than 30 years and we will prosper and survive only if we have an assured continuous supply of educated and well trained manpower in respect of machines, inks and materials, enlightened about the varied and multifarious aspects of modern screen printing which has grown by leaps and bounds from the old days of “serigraphy” to the sophisticated domain of screen printing with its wide ranging applications playing a key role in the lives of every human being and every industry. With these achievements, Grafica has joined the league of few select screen printing machine manufacturers known to produce a wide range of screen printing machines covering graphics, industrial and textile printing plus offering full fledge training in-house

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