GOCCOPRO QS200 – DTG & Screen Print working together

The GOCCOPRO Digital Screen Maker is perfect for using with DTG Printers. The white under-base with DTG machines can be a problem, the ink is expensive and it slows the printing process.

Here we show how you can use a GOCCOPRO to screen print the white base coat of ink and then add the DTG print on top. This will give you significant cost savings.

To find out more about the possibilities that are waiting just for you give us a call on 0131 654 4304 or e-mail us on sales@goccopro.co.uk.

If you know of someone who would like our system please pass our information along because we are trying to tell the world just how great this machine is.

Please share this video on Facebook or any other social media platform as we are trying to spread the word of how good a GOCCOPRO is and people really don’t know yet. So thank you for watching.

Schools Collages and universities if you are not teaching about the new cutting edge digital screen making systems then you really are not doing your job.



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