T-Shirt Printing Machine | Printing and Tagging Shirts with DTG

T-Shirt Printing Machine | Printing and Tagging Shirts with DTG

This is a great basic overview of a professional t-shirt printing machine – the DTG M2 from ColDesi – along with a really profitable application.

Professional T-Shirt Printing machines like the Brother GTX or Epson f2100 dtg printers have a few things in common:

1. They print directly onto the shirt – that’s why they’re called “DIRECT” to garment printers.

2. All professional t-shirt printing systems produce a really high quality, good looking result.

3. There’s little or no set up – unlike screen printing t-shirt printing you can import the artwork and just print.

4. It doesn’t matter how many colors your design is! The DTG M2, for example, will print thousands of colors using a mix of the CMYK and White ink

The reason the M2 is a better, more professional system compared to the Brother GTX DTG Printer and the Epson DTG Printers are demonstrated in this video.

You can print more than one shirt at the same time – in fact, you can even print different designs on the different shirts.

Size of design, number of colors, none of that matters to the dTG M2 and the software that comes with it.

During this video, you’ll see Jerid print a full color, high-resolution guitar graphic on one large platen AND a tag at the same time.

Other differences in the M2 t-shirt printing machines are the removable platens and the ability to print up to 24″ X 17″ – unlike the 14x16of the other printers.

For more information visit http://dtgprintermachine.com

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