Salman Khan’s Kick Now On T-shirts

Yaay! Now you can sport a Salman Khan’s Kick t-shirt!
Needless to say, his blockbuster films have always etched a dialogue that keeps the viewers hooked, for all the love! So what’s the craze coming up with his upcoming hype Kick? Oh c’mon! How can you forget the infamous line, Mere Baare Mein Itna Mat Sochna…Dil mein aata hoon, samajh mein nahin’, remember? Oh! What power, what style! So owing to that very same superastic dialogue, we hear that the audience has further resonated to it, to such an extent that some vendors at Fashion Street in Mumbai were recently spotted selling T-shirts of the same! Yes, yes, yes! It’s been sold in bulk around the city, and while the film is due for its Eid release this weekend, Salman’s fans are further leaving no stone unturned, to promote their Bhai Jaan’s film with hoots, games, t-shirts, love and more love! Aaah….what love! So who’s up to sport a Kick t-shirt? Run for fun!

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