Screen Print your own t-shirts // How-To // Easy DIY Screen Printing kit

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How To Build A Cheap T Shirt Screen Printing Press\r
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The K-SER ZERO KIT is a screen printing press, optimal for printing t-shirts.\r
Equipped with gas spring to support the frame during the printing process, the printing machine can mount frames in wood and aluminum.\r
The wooden top which is also the maximum printing surface, measuring 38 x 54cm. is shaped to facilitate insertion of the shirt.\r
The K-SER ZERO has adjusting screws that allow it to adapt to frames of different thickness.\r
This is a world exclusive of new created, designed and distributed only by keygadgets world exclusive.\r
Suitable for printing: T-shirt Sweatshirts Work Clothes Fabric generally\r
Data: Printing area: 380 x 540 mm\r
The starter kit includes: 1 Aluminum Screen Printing Frame 58 x 48 cm da 55T (good for T-Shirt print) 1 Scoop coater 35 cm 1 Halogen Lamp 500W + 1 Bulb E27 yellow color for Photo Emulsion ambient 1 Wooden Squeegee 33 cm 250gr. Ink BLACK Textile SERITEX 1Lt. Photo Emulsion Autotype HD super quality + Diazo (you can make 40-50 frames) 1L Autostrip Emulsion Remover, Ready to use 1 Screen printing Spatula 28cm stainless 10 Sheets paper A4 for laser printer 2 Gloves 1L Degreaser wash, Ready to use 1 Sheet with Screen printing instruction for beginners\r
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