Best DTG Printer 2017 | M2 Lowest Cost Per Print on Darks

Best DTG Printer 2017 | M2 Lowest Cost Per Print on Darks

There are many reasons to choose the M2 direct to garment t shirt printer as the Best DTG Printer for 2017.

Possibly the most important question in choosing is:

Which t-shirt printer will make me the most money?

The simplest way to figure out the best DTG Printer based on profitability is by looking at the cost of the ink for the images that you print. Visit for more information.

This is true because:

– The shirts you’ll be printing on are the same regardless of if you’re printing with Anajet, Ricoh, Brother, Epson or one of the smaller brands. So the cost for the blank is the same.
– All of the top tier DTG printers print good quality images. The video shown here uses our production mode, which is lower resolution and they still look amazing. The images on al the printers will look good enough to sell.

And here is a quick comparison to other t-shirt printing methods.

– T-Shirt Transfer printers have a lower up front cost, but the cost per print is much higher. The OKI 920WT and OKI pro8432WT are both great machines (visit but the cost for a 10×12 print, which will take up most of a usable sheet, will be $3.50 to $4.50 depending.
– Sublimation options, even if they could print on dark cotton garments, would still be several dollars

The 2 prints you see in the video are under $1 each.
Using the published prices for in for the current models of Epson DTG Printers, Anajet DTG Printers, and Brother DTG Printers we’ve estimated the difference in ink costs to be in some cases over 300%!

See the numbers for a sample print here:

Whether you’re looking into t-shirt printers in general or direct to garment printers specifically, the M2 is the Best DTG Printer for 2017 for profitability due to low cost per print!

Visit for more information.

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