Easy Glass Etching with Digital Color Processing

Glass etching is a beautiful, simple and technically advanced method of creating a graphic art on the surface of a smooth piece of glass. Just as important, it is permanent and will never fade off. Now-a-days Etched and carved glass has become more popular, and you see it everywhere in big restaurants, hotels, banks, theaters and homes.
The attraction towards the etched glass only started about 20 years ago, first with architectural applications (for example, etched doors and windows), but has now spread into etched glass awards, corporate and personal gifts, elements for interior design and decoration (table tops, room dividers, cabinet doors, etc.), signs and much more.
You know a trend has “arrived” when you notice on visual media advertisements and you can see etched glass everywhere on advertisement now, from TV serial to standup comedy shows and from backdrops for the national news to drinks commercials. A large number of high end, high visibility corporate, governmental and entertainment awards are now being made up of etched glass products.

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