Making Custom Koozies with Digital HeatFX

How to Make Custom Koozies | Digital HeatFX

Digital HeatFX is usually thought of as a custom t shirt printing system or full color t shirt transfer system, but it can be used to produce a variety of promotional products too!

During this demonstration of our white toner printer based t shirt transfer system, we’ll actually be showing you how to make custom koozies, one of the most profitable of promotional products.

There are several ways to make custom koozies, including sublimation, uv printing, direct to garment printing or a standard transfer system. The problem with many of these other technologies is that they don’t print white – so they cannot produce a GOOD image onto a dark colored garment or object. Also, several have restrictions on the kind of substrates you can print on. Not so with Digital HeatFX

During this video you’ll see us apply the same transfer that you might use for a 100% polyester shirt, light or dark colored, or a 100% cotton shirt, light or dark to a blank full color koozie instead. We’ll talk numbers, profitability and more.

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