T-shirt Digital Printing and Silk Screen Printing


For ages, silk screen printing has been the conventional type of shirt printing because of its cost effective process. And since it’s not expensive silk screen printing is ideal for large quantities of printed items.
But a different type of printing process is emerging and poses itself as a direct competitor of the silk screen printing. As our technology improves and the age of computers dominates our every day lives t-shirt digital printing has become known.
We ask ourselves what are the differences between silk screen printing and digital printing? Here, we’ll discuss a few of those things.
As what we have stated above, silk screen printing is a cost effective process of printing shirts and other materials. But digital printing is as cost effective as silk printing.
One advantage of shirt digital printing, however, is its efficiency when it comes to the time consumed in printing the shirts.
Silk screens print one color at a time. Each color requires a separate screen, and you would need to let it dry before applying the next color. Digital printing, on the other hand, can process 4 colors at a time. It includes mixing of the colors that lets the whole image to be printed with high resolution.
There are also neater techniques of digital printing such as sublimation printing. On a flat transfer sheets, images are printed with special inks and dyes. The images are then heated and will be the transferred to surfaces of shirts, mugs, and other objects.
With the success that shirt digital printing is having today, it can sure cause a concern to silk screen printers. When you compare the two printing process thoroughly silk screen printing is still more cost effective, but because of the material that will be used are good for one design only, you’ll need to have a minimum number of orders. There are screen printers that would require you to have at least 20 or 30 shirts at minimum.
Digital printers offer no or very low minimum purchase requirement, thus, letting you order as low as one shirt or as many as you desire.

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