BlackMax AccuRIP Epson 1400 Film Output Printer Upgrade

Available at – With this package it is easy to upgrade a standard Epson printer to print films darker, faster, and with half tones! We also have upgrade kits for the Epson 1900, 4880, 7880, 9880 & More!

Are you currently printing films with an Epson 1400 and Epson OEM color ink? Now, with Ryonet’s Epson 1400 BlackMAX upgrade with AccuRIP you can turn any Epson 1400 Printer into an all black film printing machine!
This unique upgrade package loads your Epson 1400 printer with all black ink, controlled by the AccuRIP software, to lay down an opaque black on Ryonet’s R-Film Waterproof Positives. AccuRIP easily creates and controls half tones. This enables you to screen print high-detailed images, four color process and simulated/spot process. The Epson 1400 all black upgrade package with AccuRIP will speed up your printer for printing film positives, save you from needing to replace expensive Epson color cartridges and expand your screen printing capabilities with full range halftone functionality.

Upgrade Package Includes:

* AccuRIP Software (download version and serial code driven).

* Epson 1400 BlackMAX All Black Ink Package (6 cartridges of BlackMAX Ink and prints between 110-140 films).
* Ryonet Waterproof Film 8.5×11″ 100 pack (optimal high end film for opaque positives).
* Ryonet Waterproof Film 13×18″ 100 pack (optimal high end film for opaque positives).
* Ryonet’s 4 Color Process DVD to provide you with instructions on how to use your new upgrade package.

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