DTG Printing 100% Polyester Caps on Brother® GT Printers – CapPlaten.com

The following video shows how to dtg print on polyester caps using the cap platen (www.CapPlaten.com) and DTG Pretreat fluid for polyesters (www.DTGPretreat.com) using a Brother® GT printer. The cap platen will work on the GT-541®, GT-782® and GT-3™ direct-to-garment printers. The cap used in this video is an Otto Cap 6-panel structured cap that is made out of 100% polyester. The cap was pretreated using DTG Pretreat and cured using a heat gun. Then the cap was loaded on to a GT-381 printer using the cap platen. Once printed, the ink was cured using a heat gun. For additional information on the cap platen or to buy one today, please visit www.capplaten.com.

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