Which is the Best DTG Printer for Startups | Viper2 vs M2 Live Demonstration

Which is the Best DTG Printer for Startups? The Viper2 or the M2 Garment Printers from ColDesi (http://www.coldesi.com)

There are some fundamental truths about the custom t shirt business that make it extremely attractive to people that want to be their own boss, start their own business, be creative and be profitable:

1.Everyone wears t-shirts
2.The custom t shirt business just keeps expanding
3.There’s plenty of room for new businesses
4.It can be very PROFITABLE
5.You can run a custom tee business from home, your garage or an office

This is a recording of a live online webinar (from Wednesday, October 14th 2015) that will give the opportunity to compare the 2 most versatile direct to garment printers on market – machines that hundreds of startups have used to launch their business, AND big brands have used to expand and develop theirs.

You will see us print one LARGE print on the Viper2 DTG Printer so you can see the big design capabilities.

Then we print 2 shirts at once on our flagship M2 DTG Printer, both black cotton tees printing with white ink, just like the Viper2 can. Finally, you’ll see the Viper2 print on 4 shirts at the same time.

Both t shirt printing machines offer the same GREAT quality prints on both light and dark garments. They both will do the same larger sized prints. They both can print up to 4 different images on 4 different t shirts at the same time.

See the introductory video on the Viper2 here: https://youtu.be/MhzpyRlLpcE

Watch this presentation of the DTG M2 advantages here: https://youtu.be/4Qrr7lPVLYI?list=PLY2inAvq0dBp-jd4SlqjhO-X8cAkMvJWd

If you WANT to be in the custom t-shirt business, you need to see this webinar!

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