How to Print T-shirt In Different Platens with Apex DTG Printer

What is direct to garment printing?

Direct to garment printing is a process by which garments are printed directly from a computer using advanced inkjet technology. While the inks and hardware are different than your desktop printer, the artwork used and the method of printing from your PC are virtually the same. Gone is the need to generate or reduce your our artwork to a small number of colors to meet the limitations of printing by screens.

A primary advantage of DTG printing is the lack of set-up costs and instant turnaround time not associated with traditional garment printing methods such as screen printing. The comparative disadvantage of DTG is equipment maintenance and ink cost. Ink technology developments have significantly improved ink performance and lowered ink cost. Digital printing technologies are non-contact, meaning that media is printed on without hand contact, allowing for a more precise image. This prevents the image distortion that takes place in screen printing.

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