How to Print T-Shirt Easy Using Apex DTG Printer

Apex-jet DTG6090 printer is made from high-end materials that have passed inspection. DTG6090 is a durable double-platen or multiple- platen garment printer, its maximum platform size is 600*900mm. It produces the highest quality images on many types of garments, especially 100% cotton and high-cotton blend t-shirts. Combined with Apex-jet PhotoPrint software, this printer is an easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain industrial garment printer.

*Highly Speed
*One Year Warranty
*Easy Operation
*Small Foot-Print
*Industrial Performance
*Real Color Printing
*Four T-shirts Printing At One Pass Is Available
*White Ink And Color Ink At One Pass

Cloths Tray:
3 Options Are Avaiable
4* 408.9mm*236.5mm size
or 2* 510mm*375mm size
or 2*408.9mm*236.5+1*510mm*375mm

CMYKW Textile Ink:
Vivid color, high color concentration, clear-cut dot Excellent adaptability, excellent on-machine Printing quality

PhotoPrint Software:
*White ink options – full background, under color, or spot color
*Allows you to add your own ICC color profiles to the RIP Repeat Function allows you to copy artwork for multiple product prints


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