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Quick turn around shirt orders – Custom Printed T Shirts For Cheap in What You Want To Know, Many different family functions make great opportunities to create a custom printed shirt. To begin with, children reunion is a great time for you to get custom printed shirts. You could make a shirt design that features your surname, the date, a photograph that is representative of the event, or another type that your group would want. Depending on the event, you could possibly plan to charge for the shirts, or maybe share all of them with individuals in your family. Printed T Shirts For Cheap – DTG T Shirt Printing With Thousands Of Colors At One Low Price! An alternative would be to have custom t-shirts created for a family trip. Yourself and your family can wear matching shirts as you enjoy your time and effort away. If you are visiting a beach town, an amusement park, or every other destination, having custom shirts with your name or even your vacation's theme to them quite a bit of fun and creates a great souvenir. You can also create custom printed t-shirts for business events. Whenever you make shirts that share the event's name plus a catchy picture or phrase, this provides your enterprise even more exposure and results in customers to remember you and contact you should they require a company that focuses on your niche. Also, this makes a good reminder. You should look at leading them to be for company picnics, company sponsored fun days, or any other event that your enterprise is an element of. Everyone loves t-shirts and they are a great advertising medium. Creating custom printed t-shirts for sports teams is another great choice. Whether or not the team already has team shirts, making shirts to the team that contains the name in the team combined with the players' and coaches quite a bit of fun. You can also consider making shirts for mothers and fathers or siblings or anybody else who wants to show support for the team. These custom team t-shirts will also be an excellent fundraising item and can certainly help they have the funds they want for whatever it is they want. As we discussed, custom printed t-shirts are a fantastic option for so many different reasons. Whether you wish to produce a shirt for any family event, have got a company event coming up where you could take advantage of a custom shirt, or you need to show support for the child's sport team, these are typically all great reasons to produce a shirt that shares some form of helpful tips. Take advantage of the ideas shared here to assist get you started on creating the custom t-shirts to suit your needs and get ready to get fun using the designing process.

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Starting An Online Clothing Store?
My True Passion In Life Has Always Been Fashion, So It Would Make Sense I'D Want A Career Having To Do With Clothing/Accessories. I'M Interested In Starting My Own Online Clothing Store Someday, But Have A Few Questions. I Need To First Learn How To Sew, Because I'D Like To Hand-Make The Clothing I Will Be Selling, I Want Them To Be Unique So I Don'T Want To Buy From Wholesale Sites. When People Sell Handmade Clothing Though, How Do They Know How Many Of Each Clothing Piece To Make? It Would Be Very Time Consuming To Make Lets Say 100 Of Each Clothing Piece In Different Sizes, So How Do People Make So Many Pieces At One Time? Also, If I Buy Fabrics From A Fabric Store, Are There Any Laws Against Using A Fabric Someone Else Designed And Selling Pieces That Are Made With That Fabric? I'M So Lost Lol Thanks!

Below given steps will help you.

1. Determine what kind of clothing you will sell: Will you be a specialized clothing store, selling to specific sizes or an all-purpose boutique, for men, women and children of all shapes and sizes? This is an important consideration because your specialty is what will set you apart from the competition, and the more specialized your online clothing store is, the more likely it is that you will be able to build a faithful clientele. Some of the more popular options when it comes to online clothing stores are kid's clothing, plus-size apparel and online shoe boutiques. Remember, your entire marketing campaign will be built around the type of clothing you sell, so be sure to make an informed decision based on the size of the market and the demand for such apparel, the money it will take to amass an inventory of items and how large an inventory you plan to offer at first.
2. Acquire and assess your clothing inventory: Depending on your niche, you can get clothing from just about anywhere. You can start by purchasing items from hard-to-find dealers and retailers that will sell to you at a wholesale price and allow you to mark up the items for profit. You can also frequent some of the retail markets, which feature dozens of dealers in one place, selling the latest fashions. Another option is to work directly with up and coming designers, particularly ones in your area, that are new to the fashion scene and have fresh looks to offer. The more creative and fresh your inventory is, the more likely it is to sell and get exposure in a saturated online clothing industry.
3. Put together all of your price points and don't forget to include shipping costs. The most that it costs you to purchase an item wholesale, the more you will have to mark it up. This can drive customers away, so you must try to negotiate the best deal you can when purchasing items from clothing vendors. This is where it helps to work with new or little-known clothing designers, because they are usually hungry for exposure and won't charge you as much as a well-known vendor to sell their clothing.
4. Build your website. Just like a brick-and-mortar shop is the calling card of a traditional clothing retailer, your website is just as important for you. Your online clothing store should be catchy and eye-popping without being overwhelming. The clothing should be prominently featured on the site and checkout should be extremely easy to locate. Moreover, your site should be up to date at all times with an easy to remember–and type–name. If you can afford to have a professional build your site, it may be a worthwhile investment if you are not very technically savvy; otherwise, use a template (preferably Flash-based) with enough bells and whistles to make your site look exciting, but with your clothing front-and-center.
5. Optimize your site so it shows up on lists under your category of search terms. Most often, customers will find your store by typing terms into a search engine. If you specialize in kid's clothing, then "kids clothes" or "kid's clothing" will likely be some of the terms potential customers will use to find you. Because of this, it is important to include search terms in the language of your site so that Web crawlers will pick it up and deliver eyeballs directly to your homepage. Again, if you hire a professional, he should be able to assist you with this as part of your Web design package; if not, search the category you specialize in and check out the language of the competition (particularly the top 20 companies listed). Use some of the same terms in the information on your site to get yourself as high on the list as possible.
6. Spread the word through online advertising, message boards, social media forums and just about anywhere else that you can. Letting people know about your online clothing store is the best way to get inventory selling. Take advantage of every opportunity possible to spread the word about your store. Sign up for a Facebook and/or MySpace page and amass a collection of friends who are privy to special discounts and sales (you won't believe how quickly your friend lists will grow). Offer information about your store to fashion bloggers and/or reporters. Offer to be a resource for future articles. All of this will work in conjunction with traditional forms of advertising/marketing to get your store optimal publicity and enhance your chances for success.

Should Guys Be Free To Wear Girls Clothes?
What Do You Guys Think? Nothing Too Girly (Like Skirts Or Anything), But Girls Sweatshirts/Sweatpants And Whatnot…

Yeah… Girls wear EVERYTHING from the mens side of the wardrobe so it is only fair. Plus it is only clothing and clothing will not make you gay. (Either you are or you aren't. Clothing has nothing to do with it).

Leading clothing designers say ALL clothing is unisex except for the bra and jock strap (The only 2 pieces of clothing that is sex specific).

Some girls clothing is super comfortable and more men wear it than you think. Seamless stretch panties are super common because they are supporting and feel great. Tights can be a help in winter and there are lots of benefits to wearing them. See some here (All applies to both women and men equally):… Check the 5 categories here but there is a lot more than this.

Also what's wrong with skirts? Men have worn skirts far longer than women throughout history! Obviously makes more sense for the male anatomy than for a female… no frigging crotch seams is a big deal guys! CAUTION: Once a guy tries on a short skirt instead of shorts on a hot day he will be hooked! He will not give up the skirt!! So be ready for that! They will be vogue soon for men.

Don't think guys can rock skirts? Check these guys and note they still look like guys just as women in pants still look like women:…
And… It takes a real man to wear a skirt before they are vogue. You won't see the sexually insecure (homophobes) trying on a skirt. The idiots somehow think a skirt will make them gay!! Women should take note of this to avoid the homophobic idiots because in the long run those relationships never work out.

Soooo yeah there are plenty of women clothes that are really nice and guys can rock so why not?

What Sort Of Machine Do I Need To Print On T Shirts?
Do I Need Special Printers Etc Not Sure Of What To Buy ?? Ty X

if your just doing a few then you can by t-shirt iron on paper, you prin tthe image in reverse and iron it on the t-shirt. Cheapest place ive found it is on ebay, its as good as branded paper.

Is There Anyone In The T-Shirt Business That Uses Or Knows Anything About The Company Print Mojo?
Looking To Start A T-Shirt Brand/Company At The Begining Of Next Year Looking For Insider Help On Cost Effective Ways To Start. Print Mojo Might Be A Good Silent Partner!

Hi yeah it's a great idea they are are very reputable company with quality printing. I believe they use DTG printers as well as screen printing.

What's in it for you?
You simply invest your time into marketing your online products and as one of your customers buys something from your website; they get the order and ship it to them. And they are pretty fast.

What's in it for them?
You give them business and cut their marketing costs down because you are doing the advertising for them. The busier you are the busier they are… works both ways.

How quick do they ship out?
They are pretty quick around 7 days I've found so you will always have a good reputations

How can you make this work?
You will have to invest some time and energy getting your online store out there. I suggest some simple SEO like getting into DMOZ, Yahoo Directory and then joining forums in the t shirt niche you are in and doing very targeted google advertising.

Hope that helps!

How To Make A Good Clothing Website.?
How Can I Make A Good Clothing Website Like River Islands And H&M For My Clothing Business That I Am Setting Up. Thanks

I can help you make a website.

I use drupal ecommerce and set it up for you. It doesn't take a long time to do for me. But if you want to do it I would get a book on it at and then you can see if this is what you want to do. There are shopping carts you can add to it and also wordpress handles this kind of stuff.

But it will take time for someone who doesn't know anything about it to configure it and get it running not to mention all the knowledge you have to have about the internet for it to noticable on and You may want to get help.

I relatively make this kind of website for about 300.00 and configure the taxanomy in the website to keep track of orders. There are lots of other software as well like OSCommerce and that is easy to take care of and I believe you can connect it up to paypal to receive your payments. You can email me at if you decide you need some help if not good luck to you and I hope I helped.

If you need somewhere to host it after you are done you may want to try they are a good hosting provider have had them for years and they are great.

What Is The Cheapest Website I Can Make My Own Shirts At ? (Has To Be Good Or Alright Quality)?
I See People Walking Around With Some Really Cool Custom Made Shirts And Ill Ask Them Where Did You Get That And They Will Just Be Like A Website And Walk Away And The People That Do Tell You What Website They Are Expensive As Heck So Please Help Me Find A Website That Isn'T So Expensive But With Okay Quality

I am the owner of a screen printing company, The Creative Warehouse. We specialize in custom printed apparel at a low price with fast turn around time. If you would like to get pricing you can contact us through our website

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