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Quick turn around shirt orders – Custom Cheap Printed T Shirts Wholesale in What You Want To Know, Many different family functions are actually excellent opportunities to produce a custom printed shirt. To begin with, a family reunion is a great a chance to get custom printed shirts. You could make a shirt design that features your surname, the date, an image that represents the event, or another type your group would want. Based on the event, you might opt to charge for your shirts, or just share these with those in your household. Cheap Printed T Shirts Wholesale – DTG T Shirt Printing With Thousands Of Colors At One Low Price! Another choice would be to have custom t-shirts created for children trip. Your family can wear matching shirts as you enjoy your time and efforts away. Regardless if you are going to a beach town, an amusement park, or perhaps to every other destination, having custom shirts with the name or perhaps your vacation's theme upon them quite a bit of fun and constitutes a great souvenir. You can even create custom printed t-shirts for business events. If you make shirts that share the event's name and a catchy picture or phrase, this gives your business much more exposure to result in customers to remember you together with contact you if they need to have a company that focuses on your niche. Also, it will make an excellent reminder. You should look at which makes them for company picnics, company sponsored fun days, or any other event that your business is part of. People love t-shirts and they are generally a fantastic advertising medium. Creating custom printed t-shirts for sports teams is another great choice. Even if the team already has team shirts, making shirts for that team which contains the name from the team together with the players' and coaches quite a bit of fun. You may also consider making shirts for moms and dads or siblings or anyone else who wishes to show support for your team. These custom team t-shirts can also be a great fundraising item and can really help the team get the funds they require for whatever it is they need. As you can tell, custom printed t-shirts are a great option for a range of reasons. Whether you need to produce a shirt to get a family event, have got a company event developing where you could benefit from a custom shirt, or you wish to show support for your child's sport team, these are generally all great reasons to generate a shirt that shares some type of helpful information. Utilize the ideas shared here to aid get you started on creating the custom t-shirts for your requirements and prepare to have fun with all the designing process.

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How Could I Go About Starting My Own Clothing Line?
I Wanted To Just Do Mainly T-Shirts And Maybe Move On To Something More Later. My Aunt Owns A Screen Printing And Embroidery Shop So I Have Easy Access To That If That Makes A Difference. I Also Have A Lot Of Designs Ideas But I Just Do Not Know How To Go About Starting It Up. I Figured I Would Just Start Wearing A Few Of The Shirts Around Myself And Maybe Get A Few Friends In On It And If People Like Them Then I Would Just Give Them The Information And I Would Design One For Them And Eventually It Will Just Grow And Will Be Another Clothing Line Out In The Fashion World.

make up some sample T-shirts of your original designs and you and friends can wear them or take them to local shops that carry T-shirts or clothing and offer them for sale – get Aunts help with costs and pricing – you'll need a retail price and a wholesale price and typical wholesale is no more than 60% of retail, probably closer to 40% with clothing you won;t make much money selling wholesale – insist on a minimum order of 12 shirts at a time

Where Can I Buy Silk Screen Paints In New York City?
I Want To Print On Tee Shirts Using A Hand Made Silk Screen And Sqeegie.

Pearl Paints on canal street, utrecht on 4th ave also 23rd street, Blick Art Materials (formerly the art store) on Bond Street….but I would order them from for a wide selection, good prices and very informative catalog (tips and techniques)

have fun!

Where Can I Have A Custom Size And Design Shirt Made?
I Want To Have A Custom Shirt Made.

I Dont' Want To Reveal My Secret Dimensions On Here;) But Let'S Just Say That I Want To Be Able To Have A Custom Size Shirt Made. Not Standard L, M, Or S. More Like I Choose How Long The Sleeves Are And The Torso Being Something Else Type Of Deal. Also I Want A Custom Print On The Shirt As Well. Like A Picture. Also If If It'S Possible That I Get To Select The Fabric Then That'D Be Awesome. Otherwise Just Size And Design Is Fine. Let Me Know, Thanks!

You're probably going to need two people or firms for this: first, someone who does custom sewing and patternmaking, and second, someone who can print the photo on shirt fabric for you. (I assume you're talking about something like a t-shirt?)

In most communities, there are usually several people who do custom sewing and alterations. Local fabric stores and the better local clothing stores often know who they are; you might also find them in ads on bulletin boards and pennysaver newspapers and the like. If you're lucky, one or more also knows something about patternmaking and pattern alterations. Some alterations, like sleeve length or body length are quite easy; others, like compensating for rounded shoulders or producing a shirt that the neckline doesn't ride up in front, are more difficult. And yes, you will be able to choose the fabric you want (you'll need to shop for it, or buy from samples the custom sewing place may have).

Although this is aimed at women's wear (the bulk of custom sewing is for women and children), Kate makes some good points about what to expect and how to proceed:… And here's a group of people who operate something like a medieval guild, and do custom sewing:

The other thing to know is that custom work is not cheap. And there's no point in using cheap fabics (which will often stretch, shrink or wear badly) instead of good quality ones, unless you're making something that's essentially throw-away.

Depending on what you need to customize this shirt, you may be able to save some money by having the sewing pro start with what's called a "blank shirt". In many parts of the US, chain fabric stores are about the only game in town, and some of them do not buy good quality fabric. Buying a good quality blank shirt or two can get you better quality fabric for less than the cost of good fabric off the bolt. See, e.g.:

I Would Like To Put My Own Artwork/Photos On Plates That Can Actually Be Used For Eating Off Of. Any Clue?
I Have Found Mugs, But The Only Plates I Can Find Are Not To Be Used For Eating Off Of. Help

Many years ago I worked in a company that did this, I also had my own t-shirt printing business where we did the odd mug. The two processes however are worlds apart. You can easily print on plates that hang up on the wall and there are dozens of web sites out there that have the products. The problem with plates that you eat on is that they are always being scratched with knives, forks and disk mops. If there is any chance of the image coming off, the authorities would sue the product supplier – therefore no product.

What we did in the plastics company was this: Most of the plate was moulded. The image was silk-screened on the bottom of sheet of clear plastic, the same material as the rest of the plate.. That was placed on top of the first bit and both were then reformed under heat. The image was then protected from scratching. Mugs are done in a similar way, but the coating isn't anywhere near the thickness of a plate.

Most ornamental and dinner plates are made this way. Plate first, image silk-screened on, then a thick clear glaze. The plate is then heated in a kiln so that all the components become one.

If you go to a good pottery class they will teach you how to do this, then you can do it at home. Just take the plates to a school or community kiln for firing.

Good luck.

My Own T-Shirt Biz Q'S For 5*?
I Want To Start My Own T-Shirt Business , Ive Ben Told To Start Small With A T-Shirt Company And Hav Them Print It Till I Get Big Enough But How Am I Suppose To Do That Cafe Press Charges U 40 To 60 Dollars To Design Jus One Shirt There Isnt Enough Profit In It For Me To Do That And Ive Checked Out A Printer Thats 18,000 Dollars Its Called Ana Jet They Are Crazy..Screen Printing Is Too Time Consuming And Messy..Plz Ppl Help Wit A Good Website Or Som Advice Plz !

Outsourcing production might be feasible, in fact you might find it's not even the highest cost, the overhead of a retail store or per piece internet advertising cost may be as much as the actual production.

One lead, when I searched: T-shirt drop shipper, an ad for vistaprints would come up, a few months ago the price was $4.50 a shirt.

All in all this is a rather saturated highly competitive business, if you could corner a small market like being the sole provider for some band or sports team you might have an easier time than trying to find space on the internet, I recall another guy here who had created a nice little web site for his original designs and had not made a sale in more than a week.

(Yesterday some news piece showed a kid in India making Happy Face printed tshirts who earns the retail cost of one shirt in a month.)

Which Is Better Screen Printing Or Digital Printing For T Shirts?
I Designed A Couple Of T Shirts And I Was Wondering Which Printing Method Is Better, Quality And All?

Well, like most things,men, wine, cheese… older is better.

Screen printing is just the best. It looks great, you know the quality you will get and if you do it with th right materials your stencils can last forever!!!
They will never be obsolete is what I mean.

They are a little more work, but like most things, fruit, message, se…oh, erm…the harder the better.
You would either have to buy a screen or make one, I suggest making one.

Digital is iffy. Programming is WAY expensive, or if you don't want to buy the programming, getting someone to digitalize them can be pricey. I charge about $50/hr to digitalize depending on the design.
And your print might be of low quality because its coming from a printer. Also, sometimes I find printed images thick and cakey…and they crack and peel and fade and flake when they age.

Defiantly screen print.