The Latest Rage In Screen Printing Is DTG

What is DTG t shirt printing you may ask?  For the last 50 years or so t shirts were printed only a couple of ways.  The main way was to screen print the shirt.  This is a process by which an emulsion is coated on the mesh of a screen.  Then it is exposed to a light source and the screen is washed with a high pressure water hose.  Thus washing out of the screen the exposed portion of the emulsion. This process leaves wholes in the mesh which allows ink to flow through.  Now when a screen with ink in it is placed over a t shirt and the ink is forced thru the mesh with a squeegee an image is printed onto the shirt.  This is the way shirts have been printed for years.  Now comes DTG.  This is the ultimate  method for high quality printing on garments.  With direct to garment the number of colors in the image is irrelevant and the dpi of the print is close to offset litho quality.  This process uses a inkjet print head. The head travels back and forth above the t shirt printing  an image on the garment.  Watch this video to see how it is done. DTG Video

    October 1, 2016

    Screen Printing And Embroidery Printing Clear Your Doubts


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